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24k Gold - The Currency of Skin Care

Updated: Aug 11, 2017

Using 24k gold for skin care has become very popular. The effectiveness of using gold in skin care products for numerous skin treatments was well known by Egyptians, Romans, and Japanese since much earlier times.

Gold is appearing in everything from eye creams to cleansers. This is because it can help a wide variety of conditions and make many improvements to the health and appearance of skin. Applied topically, it can help skin appear brighter. If you want to achieve a glow, using gold may be the way forward.

For the best results, use your gold-infused products over a period of time. Be patient and you will see the results. And all the while, your body will love the benefits inherent in using gold for skincare.

To give you some idea of how good gold is, here are the leading benefits of using gold in skincare.

Spots, Fine Lines and Wrinkles May Be Reduced

It is every woman’s desire to have clear skin that is free from spots and wrinkles. Gold may activate basal skin cells, increasing the skin’s elasticity. Therefore, it decreases marks on the skin, blemishes, fine lines, wrinkles, and makes you appear younger.

Skin Cell Stimulation

The ions that are present in gold help stimulate the veins, nerves, and cells in the body, improving blood circulation. Gold will boost the secretion of waste and metabolism of skin cells, which can lead to healthier skin.

Premature Skin Aging May Be Prevented

Skin dryness may lead to premature aging. Using gold may decrease skin dryness and help to increase your metabolic rate. Gold could prevent your skin from aging too soon.

Slow Down Collagen Depletion

Collagen is generated inside the body, and helps to keep skin strong and elastic. It also makes up a large part of our hair. The body’s collagen level begins to deplete from age 25 and that’s when you start to see skin changes.

Skin care that contains gold may slow the depletion of collagen in the skin cells.

Treat Allergies

Egyptians thought that gold had medicinal properties that could help to heal some diseases. Antioxidant properties that are present in gold help boost blood circulation, which, in turn, is going to lead to a decrease in acne and additional skin allergies.

Soothe Inflammation

Gold is reported to have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, which aid oxygen in entering into your skin for cell renewal. This is also helpful in the treatment of ulcers, as well as inflammatory skin disorders.

Gold is well-known to rejuvenate the skin.

Increase Skin Elasticity With Elastin

Skin usually sags as its elasticity decreases or is lost. The use of gold may decrease the breakdown of elastin, restoring the elasticity of tissues.

The properties of gold will further prevent your skin from sagging. Gold helps skin’s elasticity, making it toned and firm.

Glowing Skin

Gold helps improve your blood circulation. Therefore, it aids in hydrating and maintaining the moisture level of your skin. The tiny gold particles get absorbed inside your skin and impart a robust glow. Gold, therefore, will make your skin radiant, fresh, and healthy.

Gold not only gives youthful, glowing, and beautiful skin, but is beneficial in a multitude of ways. It’ll slow down collagen depletion, increase the skin’s elasticity, lighten the complexion of your skin, stimulate the cells that make your skin firm, and improve blood circulation. It will also prevent tanning, wrinkles, premature aging, and more.

As you can see, 24k gold in beauty products has a multitude of benefits. Our range includes products in which gold is a key ingredient. Saintsco Luxury Natural Bee venom and 24k Gold Serum combines nature’s most powerful anti-aging ingredients to provide you with the perfect solution for your skin care needs. In addition to New Zealand Bee Venom, which has the properties to regenerate skin cells and lead to a youthful appearance, the real 24k gold contained in the serum helps to rejuvenate skin and reduce fine lines.

While some of the benefits of this product take place over time, you should notice a subtle glow as soon as you use the product.

Some of the best news about this product is that it does not contain harsh synthetic chemicals to enhance its color or fragrance. It has no preservatives. It does not contain petri-carbons or other nasty chemicals. Furthermore, no bees are harmed in the process of extracting the venom.

To achieve natural-looking beauty, you need a product made with the best natural ingredients. Check out our store to see all the ways in which our products can help you with your daily beauty routine or special occasions.

For more details on Redii’s line of products contact us at contact@rediibeauty.com.


We at Redii refuse to believe that beautiful skin has to come at the cost of your health, or your financial well-being.  Our mission is to bring you the most effective skin care and hair care products on earth, at a price you can afford.

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