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911 for Hangover Skin! Skin Care Hacks for the “Morning After”.

We’d love to tell you not to drink alcohol at all to save your precious skin, but let’s face it ladies; we all need to let our hair down once in a while. Just the same, there’s that sobering moment (no pun intended) when we wake up next to our man, look over at him and think, “Dear God, please tell me I don’t look like you right now.”

While alcohol can really do a number on our skin, here are a few “hacks” that can help to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. And some of them will even help you manage that killer headache.

1. R-E-M-O-V-E Y-O-U-R M-A-K-E-U-P!

Problem: Maybe I’ll just close my eyes for a …. (queue the snoring.) Pump the brakes ladies. Don’t do it. Leaving your makeup on can be one of the biggest skin care no no’s after a night of drinking. Alcohol can leave your face puffy and red anyway, but leaving your makeup on can exacerbate the effect. In addition, it can, make your pores look larger.

Hack: Set your makeup remover, preferably pads, on the nightstand next to your bed. Seeing them should give you a reminder, but the very least, you won’t have to stumble to the bathroom. You very well may wake up to a pile of wipes strewn across the floor, but such is the price we pay for amazing skin.

2. Water and a multi- before bed, and again in the morning.

Problem: Hangovers are largely the result of … well… they’re the result of drinking. (What did you think it was?) The symptoms of a hangover on the other hand, are the result of dehydration and the loss of important vitamins and minerals. That can leave your skin looking years older, and we just aren’t going to have any of that.

Hack: If you’re going to hit the alcohol, you’ve got to hit the water and multi-vitamins. (16 to 18 oz if you can do it.) You’ll need to do it at night, but the alcohol that is still in your system is going to flush some of that. Hit it again in the morning to shorten the impact of that extra mojito.

3. Alas, the coffee.

Problem: Because alcohol dilates blood vessels, it often results in eye bags and an otherwise puffy face. (Unless you’re ready to upgrade your man, that’s a no-go ladies.) Worse yet; once those eye bags emerge, it can take a long time for your body to absorb that excess fluid.

Hack: 10-15 minutes after your water and multi-, grab a coffee. Coffee helps to constrict dilated blood vessels, and it can concurrently help to tighten the skin on your face. Bonus.

4. Grab the yogurt, but don’t eat it.

Problem: For a number of reasons, alcohol can cause redness and irritation. This becomes even more of a mess if you have problem skin.

Hack: Invest 10-15 minutes in a yogurt mask. It will help with the hydration, and the lactic acid will help to cleanse those icky after-party skin cells. (Mix with honey for best results.) Simply apply it, let it work for 15 or so minutes, and rinse thoroughly. Added benefit: Every time you cleanse your skin – any of it – you’re helping your body detox.

5. Bring in the 'big guns'; deep-moisturizing Emu Oil.

Problem: Yes, you’ve had your water, but remember that it is going to take some time to work that through your system. In the mean time, your skin is going to need some battlefield triage, working from the outside in.

Hack: Apply a deep-moisturizing oil like Australian Emu. Remember, your skin is ultimately going to reject plant-based oils, so animal-based oils will give you the deepest hydration.

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