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Bold, Sexy Trends for Fall 2017

Be Bold in 2017. From Ruby Red Lips to the Belted Pony. Oh, yeah.

So, are you brave enough? Of course you are.

Get ahead of Fall, 2017’s newest fashion trends. From the belted pony to surfer blonde, September has ushered in tons of new looks. So before your friends and co-workers beat you to them, here are a few new trends that will make you stand out from the crowd.

1. Ruby Red Lips.

Yep. Its back. Ruby red lips are like that big, bold jewelry piece against your best little black dress. If nothing else, those ruby reds will get you noticed. (Think Taylor Swift.)

Don’t be afraid of this one, because ruby red lipstick can work on just about everyone.

Here’s a tip: If you’re going with a deep, bold lip color, keep your eye makeup slight. Otherwise, it can end up being too much for your face. Remember, the idea here is to draw attention to those amazing lips. Just be sure to use a quality lippy that lasts. There is nothing worse than bright lipstick that is smeared and faded.

2. The Belted Pony.

The belted ponytail is here, and it is a brilliant way to take your pony from school teacher to glam girl. The best part of the belted pony? It doesn’t have to cost you a dime. You can use a piece of material or a ribbon that you have lying around. (Leather belts are a no-no.)

To pull this one off, create a part and then, after brushing your hair to a smooth shine, secure a low ponytail. You’ll want to make sure that your hair ties are either clear or the same color as your belt. Also, we’re not looking for 1950’s school girl. One end of the belt should be noticeably longer than the other. For a clean look, spray a brush with hairspray to tame any fly away hairs.

3. The adorned hair braid.

There’s something just something very girly, very sexy about a flower or a bow in a girl's hair, but you just haven't seen much of it lately.

Well, 2017 is bring it back. …with a twist.

Fall 2017 is bringing barrettes and jewels together with french braids, simple braids, and half braids. And you know what? It looks amazing. This hot trend can scream just about anything, from romance, to fun, to chic.

4. Matte and Dewy Skin Finishes.

What’s the difference? Well, matte and dewy both pertain to the finish left on the skin. In other words, its about the unique shine and radiance that speaks from your skin. Matte skin is void of any excess oil. It is more velvety, it pulls light inward, and it is a fabulous choice for women with excess oil or acne. Dewy skin, by contrast, leaves an almost moist appearance. Its natural oils reflect light, create a radiance, and works great when you want a sexy, stand-out look.

Eyes and Lips while wearing matte skin? Glad you asked. If the skin is matte, try a glossy, shimmery finish on the other parts of your makeup. Maybe the lip is glossy, or the eyeshadow is shimmery. It creates an incredible contrast.

If you’re going for a dewy skin look, you don’t want to go too glossy or “wet” with the rest of your makeup. It just tends to be too much. Choose a feature to give a natural or matte finish to. That will let your dewy finish do its job, which is to stand out.

5. Surfer Blonde Hair.

Oh, yeah. Its back. …and its ultra-sexy this time around.

If you haven’t been blonde before, or even if its been awhile, this isn’t a trend for the faint of heart. The darker your natural hair, the harder you have to work to keep your roots under control. Bleaching can also be very hard on your hair, often requiring other maintenance to keep your hair healthy and strong. But if you can pull it off, oh baby.

If you’re going for this ultra-dynamic change, make sure you head to a salon. …at least for your first time. Since blonde bleaching is hard on your hair, it is best left to the professionals unless you really know what you’re doing. Oh, and don’t forget to change up your makeup to match your hair!

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