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Luxury Bee Venom - The Science of Skin Cell Regeneration

Updated: Aug 11, 2017

You might be forgiven for being a bit careful about voluntarily allowing a bee to sting you, not to mention putting the venom upon your face. But think again! Bee venom products are a fantastic addition to one’s beauty product range.

Venom has gained popularity so rapidly because once people have tried it, they recommend it to their friends. You could say that bee venom skincare products are creating a bit of a global buzz.

Bee venom is produced by the stingers located in the posterior portion of the bees’ abdomens. You will probably know that bee stings can be painful, and the area around the sting will itch and swell, with the reaction lasting a few days. But when the venom is processed for skin care, it removes the pain and leaves the sting’s other properties – skincare magic.

How does it work?

When skin ages, it loses its naturally occurring collagen, resulting in wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. Occasionally called nature’s Botox, venom therapy will reverse the changes by encouraging elastin and stimulating natural collagen.

Applying the right quantities of venom in creams and lotions will trigger the body’s protection and clear up mechanisms. Extra blood goes to the tiny vessels in the area, stimulating collagen production which will strengthen elastin and body tissue, helping the skin remain youthful and firm.

Routine venom therapy users applying beauty products such as venom masks, eye cream, serum and ointment will see numerous benefits. They notice improved skin texture, and a decrease in the size of pores, wrinkles, and fine lines. The venom, which is acidic in its pure form, can also tackle sun damage and pigmentation.

Venom beauty items, such as moisturizer, eye cream, venom ointment, and venom mask, contain a low dose bee venom variant, and gently massaging it into your skin is enough to stimulate blood flow to the area. The user can appreciate the skincare advantages without being stung.

New Zealand honey & Bee venom

In order to avoid the sting reaction, bee venom often is blended with Manuka honey. Manuka Honey from New Zealand long has been known for its powerful antibacterial properties. Manuka has been used in medical dressings that are reported to decrease wound healing times.

Is this safe for the bees?

Definitely. When barbs on the stinger get stuck in the skin, and as the bee pulls away, it leaves the stinger and part of its abdomen stuck in the skin. Unfortunately, this kills the bee. As long as the stinger doesn’t get stuck, a bee can sting and live to tell the tale.

Collecting bee venom isn’t stressful or harmful to bees. A glass sheet with an extremely weak electrical current is put into the beehive. When bees sit on the glass they pump a small amount of venom on to it, releasing pheromones that tell the others to sting the glass as well. The venom will stick to the glass, which then is extracted from the beehive for purification.

Celebrity endorsements

A number of very well-known faces are big fans of been venom. International figures who routinely utilize bee venom therapy include the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, the wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. It was reported in the press that she used bee venom in the run up to her Royal Wedding. Other celebrity fans of bee venom include Kiwi model Kylie Bax, the Minogue sisters, and Victoria Beckham.


Venom cream, generally speaking, is safe for use unless you suffer a serious bee allergy. If you are concerned with possible allergic reactions, speak with an expert before attempting to use venom therapy.


Your skin is a glowing testament to your overall health. Time spent looking after your skin shows that you value self-care. What you place on your skin will matter.

Open any given beauty and health magazine and you will see statements such as: ‘purchase organic skin care,’ ‘purchase organic food,’ and ‘why is organic better than the rest.’ Although we all can agree that applying fewer industrial chemicals to our skin is better, the passion for marketing things as organic, can make it difficult to get real clarity on which products really are natural.

It doesn’t get more natural than something made by bees. Our venom products are a genuinely natural range, using nature’s wisdom to encourage your own body’s mechanisms to defend, nourish, and rejuvenate your skin.

For flawless skin, and making new discoveries about what works best for you, there’s so much information out there, and so many different things to try. But the key ingredient is to have the best beauty products at your side.

For the best luxury and natural beauty products containing Emu oils and Bee venom, visit RediiBeauty’s online catalog and enjoy affordable prices!


We at Redii refuse to believe that beautiful skin has to come at the cost of your health, or your financial well-being.  Our mission is to bring you the most effective skin care and hair care products on earth, at a price you can afford.

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