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New Zealand and Australia - Leading the Way in Natural Skin Care!

Updated: Aug 11, 2017

Its no secret that skin care brands out of New Zealand and Australia are absolutely on fire in the US, Canada, and Europe. But it isn't just a passing trend. Here's what's got the world buzzing about these two beautiful island nations.

The Beauty Industry is rapidly transforming around the growth of multiculturalism, a growing Global middle class, and the increasing availability of exotic products and ingredients. These tidal trends point beauty buyers toward New Zealand and Australia for a number of reasons. And with the explosion of e-commerce opportunities, dynamic companies in these two once-remote parts of the world are able to close longstanding gaps in the skin care segments.

Moreover, low pollution rates, the availability of exotic natural ingredients, a health-conscious population, and access to pristine natural resources - all make New Zealand and Australia virtual Meccas for natural skin care.

So if these two magical places are becoming the nuclei of natural beauty, we'd better fill you in on what to expect.

1. Anti-Pollution Skincare

Pollution is a fact of life, and it wreaks havoc on our precious skin. So what's how might two relatively pristine, unpolluted island nations respond? By creating scores of products that anti-pollution skin care products.

2. Clean and Green

Chemicals, alcohols, synthetic perfumes and dyes are out. Clean is in, and Green is beautiful. Companies out of New Zealand and Australia are churning out ingredients and skin care lines that are free from the harmful skin care ingredients that are actually ruining your skin, and they aren't destroying the environment in the process.

3. Revolt Against Injections and Surgeries

Our Far Western counterparts have had enough with those Insta-inspired, larger-than-life lip injections and scalpel-wielding plastic surgeons. Instead, they're pushing for the very best 'you' you can be. Products like bee venom, hydrolyzed collagen, and Australian emu oil are supported by studies to improve skin health and condition over time, and the Australians and New Zealanders are building their products from powerful ingredients like these.

4. Less is More

If you can't pronounce it, we're giving it the axe. While there's no magic number for the right amount of ingredients in your skin care products, the days of thirty and forty ingredients are coming to an end. Skin care lines out of New Zealand and Australia are helping you to limit what you put on your skin to the natural ingredients that will keep your skin young and beautiful, plus the bare minimum necessary to preserve that product long enough to use it.

5. And just for fun... Colored Eye Shadows and Mascaras

Ladies, wecome back to the 80's! Colored mascara is making a comeback. The streets of Auckland and Sydney are filled trend-setters lining their eyes with wild colors from gold to electric smoke. And this time? You won't find these products filled with petro-carbons or other skin-destroying preservatives. Our friends in Australia and New Zealand are combining 'natural' and 'style' in a way that is catching fire around the globe.

For more details on Redii’s line of exceptional, natural products, check out our online store or contact us at contact@rediibeauty.com.


We at Redii refuse to believe that beautiful skin has to come at the cost of your health, or your financial well-being.  Our mission is to bring you the most effective skin care and hair care products on earth, at a price you can afford.

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