Saintsco Advanced Collagen plus Keratin Capsule is a wonderful product for skin, hair and nail care. It brings together the essential properties of collagen andkeratin which support skin renewal and regeneration, helping reduce the appearance of pigmentation, spots, dryness, lines and wrinkles. It also helps diminish the signs of premature aging & boosts collagen levels. 


90 capsules / 1 month supply per bottle


From the age of 25, the body starts to lose collagen. The skin, nails and hair start to deteriorate and result in wrinkles, brittle nails and thinning hair. It also affects the joints and connective tissues. At this point arthritis, and musculo-skeletal conditions are not far off. Saintsco Advanced Collagen & Keratin Capsules replenishe the body's depleting collagen supply when taken regularly. This replenishment wakes-up the body to produce more of it's own collagen. At the end the body builds up cartilage and ligaments; relieving arthritic pains. You also get back your youthful skin, with fine lines and wrinkles gone.


Keratin makes up 2% of the body's skin tissue. It gives the skin strength, flexibility and waterproof protection. Keratin is also the key structural component of hair and nails. Just like collagen, our bodies produce less keratin, the older we get. Collagen and keratin health supplements are therefore very essential to the human body!


• Very pure collagen pills not only increases the amount of collagen in the body but also helps stimulate the body’s natural collagen process, rejuvenating beauty from within.

• Closely resembles the human collagen, making it the most effective for human use.

• Incorporates a unique formula to ensure the capsules do not break down until the body fully assimilates them.

• When taken over a sustained period of time, it helps to delay the signs of aging by replenishing the body’s natural collagen stores.

• New Zealand's best beauty therapists recommend this product highly.

• Continuous users of Saintsco Advanced Collagen and Keratin Capsules will experience more even skin tones and a reduction of the number and the width of wrinkles. Improvement in gloss and strength of hair and nails will also be noticed.


Take up to 3 capsules per day on an empty stomach.


Do not use this product if you are allergic any of the ingredients listed below.
Store in cool, dry place, avoid direct exposure to sunlight and high temperature.
Keep out of reach of children.

Advanced Collagen Plus Keratin

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  • INGREDIENTS (per 500mg capsule):

    Collagen (Marine)                               474.996 mg
    Complex K (Keratin)                            25.000 mg
    Vitamin B12                                        .333 mcg    


We at Redii refuse to believe that beautiful skin has to come at the cost of your health, or your financial well-being.  Our mission is to bring you the most effective skin care and hair care products on earth, at a price you can afford.

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